Band Saw Blades


 Use: Our tools are suitable for all kind of metal cutting work, from solids, thin wall, structurals, profiles, ferrous, nonferrous to stainless materials; and also for vertical or horizontal machines.

 Composition:  The teeth of all of our blades are made exclusively from HSS M42 and the backing strip steel with a high Chromium alloy for increased resistance to metal fatigue, thus extending blade life.

 Teeth:  Variable teeth designed for vibation dampening. Slightly positive tooth cutting angle to increase material penetration but straight enough to perform perfect cuts throug thin wall profiles and pipes.

 Welding:  All of our blades are welded using IDEAL© welding machines. Using IR temperature control for perfect post welding tempering. That is why all of our blades are guaranteed against any welding defect.

  • Bimetal.
  • HSS  M42  8% Co.
  • Hardness 68-69 HRc.
  • Variable teeth.
  • Semi-positiv cutting angle.
  • For solids and thin wall.
Width Thikness Teeth
mm. mm. 18 10/14 8/12 6/10 5/8 4/6 3/4 2/3
13 0,65 X X          
20 0,9   X X X    X    
27 0,9   X X X X X X X
34 1,1         X X X X
41 1,3           X X X
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